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In 2008 Craig moved from New York to Los Angeles and is doing very well in his new home town of L.A.! He recently had a supporting role in the new Clint Eastwood film, J. Edgar, coming out in 2012, fulfilling a life-long dream of working with Mr. Eastwood. Craig also co-starred in the TV show Big Time Rush and plays a supporting role in the feature Trophy,  which stars Robert Miano, Michael Madsen, Eric Roberts, and is directed by Dan Gillen. Craig also plays Danny, a series regular, on the exciting web series The Resolve - directed by Russ Cootey, and plays Jay in the new and cool webseries, Hollywood Girl  - directed by Courtney Zito. Craig recently played Tony in Law & Order: SVU  in a scene with Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay. Please see IMDb and IMDb Resume for any other updates.

Craig will soon open the doors to Craig Zucchero Studios: Acting For Film And Television. The Studio will be available for private coaching and classes. Contact Craig for more info.

Craig Zucchero
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